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    Remote Booting Z800




      I have a series of Z800 workstations working as a render farm.

      Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, I need to boot them from off- not just sleep or hibernate- but completely shutoff from a remote location.


      They all have the same processors: dual Xeon X5660


      I've read that the z800s are AMT enabled however, when I boot one (locally) and get into the BIOS, there are no options regarding Intel AMT.

      They also have broadcom netextreme nics that also supposedly support remote booting from completely off but I'm lost on how to get something like that going.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Is there a piece of software I'm missing?  Some driver I need to update?

      It would be a huge time saver and fantastic if I could remote boot- whether it's using the NIC, AMT, or whatever works!