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    i218-LM code 10 after restart without cable


      I have a system using an Intel i218-LM ethernet controller:

      • Fully patched (as of 16th Feb 2015) Windows 8.1 64-bit
      • Intel driver PROWinx64.exe, Version:19.5, Date:28th Oct 2014.  Appears in Windows as driver v12.12.80.19 dated 29th Sept 2014.


      Under normal operation the LAN works correctly.  I can disconnect and re-connect the LAN cable, and each time the LAN connection is re-established.


      If I perform a system restart with the LAN cable connected, the LAN is established correctly once Windows boots.


      However, if I perform a system restart without a LAN cable connected then I get a Code-10 error in Windows under Device-Manager for the i218-LM controller.  When I re-connect the LAN cable obviously the connection isn't re-established due to the Code-10 error.  If within Device-Manager I disable and then re-enable the i218-LM, the Code-10 error goes away, and the connection is correctly established.


      Any ideas?

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