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    Intel RSTe Causes BSOD Error


      I've had my computer for a while, configured in AHCI Mode, and just recently decided to try out RAID. I set up a 4x1 TB RAID 5 array using an integrated RAID Controller on my motherboard. The problem was that the regular Intel Rapid Storage Technology software that had worked for the year or so prior suddenly said that the platform was not supported when I went to install. A forum post elsewhere directed me to the Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise page. The enterprise edition did install successfully and all seemed well until I went to launch the software interface to manage my array. The software always runs fine in the system tray, but upon opening the application I am immediately hit with a Blue Screen of Death. The computer reboots, and all is well until I attempt to launch the RSTe interface again. The RAID array appears to be fully functional but I want to be able to access RST settings to enable auto rebuild among other things. Any idea what I've done wrong? Here's my hardware in case it helps:


      ASUS Sabertooth x79 (Latest BIOS installed)

      Intel i7 4820K

      Intel SSD 530 (OS only)

      1 TB HDD x4 (RAID 5, used for general storage)

      2 TB HDD (For backups)

      16 GB Ram

      GeForce GTX 970 and 660 Ti (multiple monitors)

      Windows 8.1 (Latest updates all installed)


      All of my drivers are installed as well, directly from the ASUS page for my motherboard.