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    RAID 5 - Using unallocated space


      I recently purchase a Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H motherboard that uses Intel chip sets including the ability to create different levels of RAID drives. In setting up my system I created a RAID 5 disk array using 4 Western Digital 2TB drives. Then I installed Windows 7 Professional as the OS.  My problem is that it turns out that Windows does not seem to be able to address disks with sizes greater than 2 TB.


      I need to figure out how, or if I can use unallocated space on a RAID5 drive created with your Intel Chipset. The Disk I created uses (4) 2TB drives to create a disk of 5589.04 GB. When I install the OS (Windows 7 Pro) it created a  100 MB System Reserved partition and a  2047.90 GB main partition.  That left 3541.04 GB unallocated and I cannot figure out how to make use of that space.

      I tried creating a 2TB virtual disk, but that was not allowed because supposedly there was not enough space.  I tried extending the partition, but I got the following message:


      "Only the first 2TB are usable on large MBR disks. Can not  create partitions beyond the 2TB mark, not convert the disk to dynamic."


      So how the hell do I make use of that space?


      Other Information from the Intel Rapid Storage Technology untilty:

      System Information

      OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Professsinal

      OS Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 7601

      System Name: DEV_01

      System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology co. Ltd.

      System Model: H97M-D3H

      Processor: GenuineIntel Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 3.401 GHz

      BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. F4


      Intel Rapid Storage Technology

      Kit installed:

      User Interface version:

      Language: English (United States)

      RAID option ROM version:

      Driver version:

      ISDI version:


      Hardware Information

      RAID Configuration


      Array Name: SATA_Array_0000

      Size: 7,630,915 MB

      Available Space: 7 MB

      Number of volumes: 1

      Volume member: Local1

      Number of array disks: 4

      Array disk: WD-WCC4MNKXY98X

      Array disk: WD-WCC4MLJE75X5

      Array disk: WD-WCC4MLNSJ6XS

      Array disk: WD-WCC4MLVN1NY7

      Disk data cache: Enabled


      Volume name: Local1

      Status: Normal

      Type: RAID 5

      Size: 5,723180 MB

      System Volume: Yes

      Data stripe size: 64KB

      Write-back cache: Off

      Initialized: Yes

      Parity errors: 90

      Blocks with media errors: 0

      Physical sector size: 4096 Bytes

      Logical sector size: 512 Bytes


      ...  There is more, but I think that this should be enough to work with.


      Can anybody tell me how to access that unallocated space without having to reconfigure my drives?.