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    yocto or ubilinux?


      Is there any advantage to install Ubilinux over Yocto?

      I currently experiencing stability issue on connecting my android app to bleno app on intel edison running yocto. My android app sometimes able to discover services, read/write characteristic and sometimes not. I thinking to install Ubilinux. Would this help?

      Currently my bluez package version is 5.2.4. Is upgrading to latest 5.2.8 helps? The current repo on the opkg update for bluez seems to have only 5.2.4?

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          If your focus is mainly on Bluetooth functionality, then switching to ubilinux won't give you any more functionality. In fact, on ubilinux, you'll have to compile Bluez from source, as the version in wheezy is only 4.99. You're probably better off with Yocto, as that's what all the Bluetooth stuff was tested with by Intel.