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    BSOD in isstrtc.sys upon HDMI connection




      I have Winbook TW700 tablet which has Intel graphics chipset HD 4000. Immediately upon connection to Visio TV via HDMI it bluescreens pointing to isstrtc.sys driver as curlpit. If I disable Intel Audio card then connection is successfull but obviously there is no sound. BSOD is available here http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=YLPgtnaj and memory dump here http://1drv.ms/19isYnN

      I contacted manufacturer but they seemed more eager just return money back then actually find a resolution to the issue. Is this correct avenue to raise a bug with Intel provided driver?

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          Hello Artisticcheese, thanks for joining the Intel Graphics community.

          It is important to tell you that the drivers we provided are different from the ones given by Winbook. We provided generic drivers; therefore the graphics engine will be different. Usually, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customized their driver and it will block the installation of any other one.

          Normally customizations are for things like screen brightness settings, power management, resolutions supported, and various other things specific to your tablet.

          You can always try to install the drivers we provided and if you lose any functionality with the generic version you can always download the latest from Winbook support site to restore the customizations.




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            I installed drivers from Intel directly (updated them) and those are the ones which are crashing. (OEM drivers crashing too). I'm on latest driver per Intel Update Utility.

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              You were able to installed Intel drivers because your tablet has Intel components inside, however the drivers we recommend customer to use are the ones provided by the OEM.

              If you are still having issues using those drivers, I suggest you to contact them and follow the procedure they offer.