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    ac 7260...10 mts. dosent work.


      hi, here again.

      I ihade 8 years old acer aspire with intel pro/wireless 3945ABG wifi adaptor. in my room it used to work perfectilly I could see stream movi without any problem. lastweek it die so I bought a Toshiba satellite p55w with ac7260 adaptor. well this last in my room same place where the acer worked and my telephon too I cant open google web page.

      look the following screen shot and tell me if is not absurd.......

      2 mts. from router 2wire g4011-001: rssi -46 signal quality 99


      in my room 10 mts. ....the following: rssi -73  signal quality 60


      why I can not navigate as with my previous computer and my phone.......so intel explain that NOW.


      any case tomorrow I will send back this PC and I want never hear about intel adaptor again in my life....

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          hello Bontix,


          We are sorry for any inconvenience. Our recommendation in this particular case that you bought this laptop with our Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Plus Bluetooth* in it is to contact Toshiba* and see if they have any update for this adapter. Let us explain the reasons as to why we recommend that you contact your computer manufacturer first. When you buy a computer with a wireless adapter in it, the adapter suffers customized modifications necessary for it to be fully compatible to the system built by the manufacturer, in your case, Toshiba*. Many times, a driver update resolves issues such as this one. Clink in this link for assistance from Toshiba*. Drivers & Software Support | Toshiba  read the instructions carefully. Please, also check possible BIOS updates. Another thing is to make sure your Router is AC as well in order to reach the speeds you want.  Here are some steps you can follow in order to improve your connectivity, but still the best option here is to contact Toshiba*.


          • Check for sources of interference, particularly if using IEEE* 802.11 Wi-Fi adapters working in the 2.4-GHz spectrum. Possible interference sources can include: cordless phones that operate in the 5-GHz spectrum, microwave ovens, Bluetooth® technology-enabled devices, and other 802.11 Wi-Fi networks.

          Check that the channel your access point or wireless router is using, is not overlapping or in use by another nearby access point.

          • Software tools such as MetaGeek inSSIDer* can be useful to help select the best channel for your access point or wireless router.
          • If using 2.4-GHz band, use only channels 1, 6 or 11.
          • If using the 5-GHz band, use channels 36, 40, 44, or 48.

          Some access points or wireless routers try to automatically select the best channel to use. The auto-selection can happen at start-up or on-the-fly during normal operation. If you are experiencing random disconnects from the network, try the following:

          • Disable the AUTO setting and manually select a channel.
          • If using 2.4-GHz band, use only channels 1, 6 or 11.

          You can also access this link for further information: Support for the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 - *Important for you to know, Intel recently released the latest drivers for this adapter but they are generic and may not be compatible to your system.

          Let us know if this information helped you.

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            thank you for you reply tough it make me feel kind of offended. You are repeating the same song about drivers, settings blah blah all the time. Not all people is stupid as you think. I try all the driver possible already i try all settings already i spend 3 hour with technicias of both internet provider as pc provider.....nothing changed. I repeat you for the last time: where my telephon an old pc hace perfect reception your supertechnologic device cant open Google web page. I made me clear this time or still is settings problem for you? Is more fastidious that you still defend this device after tons of people report it doesnt works. Stop this game and solve the problem in more responsible and effective way.

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              Hello Bontix,


              We do apologize for any inconvenience you may have had or any repeated steps to resolve the issue. Why don't you post here the steps you did in details (including driver versions), so we can follow up from there and not send any repeated procedure. Our intention is always to help you.

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                thx but I already wasted a lot of time trying to fix your mess. I tried all you say before your suggestion but nothing helped.i tried al the driver by Toshiba including bios. Nothing.....i tried yours drivers....nothing. I tried fixing channels using geek. Nothing I tried everything. But is not a problem anymore. Computer has been sent back to manufacturer for replacement with clear condition the new one must not has Intel wifi adaptor of any kind. Perfect way to loose customers and trust. You should put on market quite perfect product and take care more users satisfaction than your wallet.....you all are Intel not a new little company......unacceptable