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    help with ssh over wifi


      I am having trouble ssh'ing to my edison over wifi (completely untethered). 

      For the initial setup, I connected the edison to my computer (OS X) with the mini breakout board.  I successfully ran the 'configure_edison' utility to connect to wifi.  I can ssh, but I have to first issue the 'ifconfig usb0 down' command (I read this suggestion in another post and it works for me).  The issue is that I have to run this command every time it boots, it it only sometimes works, and there is usually a delay between when I issue the command and when I can ssh successfully. 

      I added the 'ifconfig usb0 down' command to startup using this link, but it didn't work. Automatic Scripting at Boot-Up | Musings from Stephanie


      Does anyone have a suggestion?  Does everyone have this 'ifconfig usb0 down' issue, or is it something specific to my configuration?  Is there a better solution to this?