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    Issues with HD4000/HD4600 on older games (1997-2002)



      If you made it through the slightly confusing title, read on.

      Since I "upgraded" to HD4000 (laptop) and HD4600 (desktop) lot of older games stopped working properly. This didn't happen with HD3000, GMA HD, 4500MHD etc.

      Overall I find 4000/4600 performance very good and completely satisfactory for my needs, but until these bugs are fixed, I might have to look for something different.


      Here are games with which I experience issues:


      AVP2 + AVP2: Primal Hunt (2001-2002)

      On 4000/4600 I'm experiencing "vision bug", basically the Pred & Alien vision doesn't work - it makes the screen black.

      What makes this issue slightly annoying is that this "bug" wasn't observed on several Intel GFX in the past, but without any actual pattern in its occurrence.

      These iGPUs worked well:

      GMA 945

      GMA 3100 G45


      GMA HD



      But on these, the bug occured:

      GMA x3100




      So over time, the issue was at first non-existent, then introduced with X3100, then fixed up until HD3000 and now it's broken again.

      This issue is entirely OS independent and was observed across many different laptop models.


      Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix (2002)

      This game refuses to start under Windows 7 x64 stating insufficient AGP memory. Under Windows XP it works fine, with slight stuttering.

      Works fine with dedicated AMD HD7750, tested also on 4500MHD without any issues under Win7.


      Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999)

      This game does not work under any OS with HD4000/4600. It crashes when user access graphics setting under Options or when starting the game.

      Works fine with dedicated AMD HD7750 or on Intel HD3000, 4500MHD


      Commanche Gold & F22 Raptor (1998)

      I'm experiencing weird color inversions in menu under Win7 x64. Under WinXP works fine.


      Monkey Island 3: The Curse of Monkey Island (1997)

      Same color inversions under Win7 x64, does not occur under WinXP, but with HD4000/4600 it crashes within one minute of gameplay. Tested on two systems.

      Works fine on 4500MHD and ATi X1400


      I understand those are (very) old games, however the fact that most of them worked fine on legacy Intel iGPU-enabled laptops makes me think what was tweaked in the most recent drivers that these issues came to surface (again).

      Can I at least hope that those issues will get fixed?