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    No audio through HDMI with Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Mac Mini late 2012 with Windows 8.1 PRO)


      Hi all,


      i've searched through the internet for about a week, red all i've found on this forum, but i stil can't figure out what to do that could solve my problem.


      Everything works just fine in windows 8.1 (and bootcamp drivers). Everything....but the HDMI digital audio


      My mac mini is connected via hdmi to my Samsung TV.


      I've already tried connecting my tv with other laptops (windows 8 and 7, with others graphics card mounted like nvidia mobile gpu): audio and video go through hdmi to my tv as well as they're supposed to.


      The weird thing is that, even with the latest driver installed ( ) from the intel download center, the digital sound device doesn't even appear on playback devices list (Devices disconnected and disabled are already checked and shown). There are only two device listed, the mac mini hardware speakers, and the spdif optical audio.

      I've also tried changing hdmi cables, and it did not solve the issue.


      Any help would be appreciated...cause i'm starting to go crazy...