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    Nothing but problems with Intel pro 1000 mt, teaming, etc


      [rant on]

      First off the Intel drivers are the dumbest thing I can imagine.  They won't upgrade, they won't uninstall the old junk and they won't work.  Yes, it's a 10yr old machine and the drivers stopped being able to be upgraded 5 yrs ago and it's been a PITA ever since Intel screwed up these drivers.


      Long story short, it's been about 5 years I've been hacking at this junk from time to time.  It used to be two mirrored servers that worked great, at one point I attacked the main server's nic driver problem and fouled it up so badly it never ran again.  After much hacking the secondary machine became the primary and only and it's NEVER had teaming working again.  Single nic, mediocre performance.


      I've got a new server (thankfully without an Intel Nic) that's running great, but it's time the old dog got some work and get this stupid driver fixed.


      FINALLY, today I find where I can MSIZAP the old trash out.  Install the latest drivers.


      Team this crap together and what the freak do you know but teaming fails?

      Team the adaptors together and set the static ip and darned if the stupid thing says 'access to local only'




      Delete the team and it's still FUBAR


      I cannot believe that these intel drivers have gotten this bad.  Used to be they were super, but now they suck and are increably hard to get configured.


      Anyway, rant over.


      System is a win server 2008 32 bit with two INTEL Pro/1000 MT dual port nics.

      Windoze is up to date, upgraded from 2003 which had the same freeking problem.


      Only way I can get it to connect is to enable DHCP, which of course defeats the purpose of having a !SERVER!  in the first place.


      I'm ready to push thing thing out into the swimming pool at this point.


      I cannot freekin believe how bad this problem has been to resolve...uhhhh, not resolve that is.




      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  {sorry for the rant, but seriously Intel, why so freekin bollixed up?}