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    Problem with RS3DC080 on SG2600


      When configuring the RAID array on a brand new RS3DC080 PCI-E card, the BIOS hangs when selecting RAID10. The disk indicators at the server front panel do not show any disk activity. All other RAID levels can be selected without a problem.

      Server systems is R2308GZ4GC.

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          I just tested it on my end with 4x Serial ATA drives and I was able to configure the RAID 10 and reboot the system with no problems every time.


          Make sure you are using the most recent firmware version for your RAID controller 24.6.0-0036.


          If the issue remains, you may want to have our Intel® Customer Support team have to take a look at your system logs, and RAID controller logs for further follow up.

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            For some reason, we couldn't choose RAID10 from the main BIOS (not from the RAID BIOS). We could select all other RAID levels, but not RAID10. It just hanged once you choose RAID10.


            We had 4 drives connected to the RAID card and 2 drives connected to the MB SATA ports using RAID1. In the end, we managed to install OS on RAID1 and create RAID10 with the web console.

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              One other problem concerning the onboard C600 RAID.

              I'd like to install the GUI that enables monitoring from Windows, but when installing

              Intel® Download Center

              it complains that the installed driver is newer than what is present in the package ( and when I choose not to downgrade the driver, the GUI is not installed.

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                You should be able to install the driver that is bundled with the package to match the version of the monitoring software. It is okay to replace the newer driver with the one that it is included with the download.


                I would like to point out that with the onboard solution you may also considering using the Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II (ESRT2) as this option is also managed by the Intel® RAID Web Console.


                This means that you should be able to monitor your onboard array, and your RAID controller array under the same utility.


                NOTE: Switching from RSTe to ESRT2 will require reinstalling your Operating System.

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                  Thanks for pointing it out.


                  Do all the S2600GZ motherboards with C602 chipsets support RSTe and ESRT2?

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                    It is correct. Both of the SCU and AHCI controllers support these two options.