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    DX58so.... Turn on would be cool.


      Newly built PC will not turn on... i have a full description of my problem


      Optional Information:
      Computer OS:  Windows Vista
      Browser:  Firefox


      Already Tried:
      I have a feeling i fried my mobo via audio jumpers...

      Here is what i have,

      DX58SO Extreme Edition with the new i7 Processor.
      3x 3GB DDR i7 core RAM
      BFG PowerSupply, 1000Watt
      nVidia 250 GTS 1024MB Video Card

      I installed everything and all was well, but the audio. The audio device never showed up at all under device manager so i tried several times re-installing and still didn't work. I went to the Intel website and they said to then try the front audio jacks of my computer. As soon as i plugged in my headset to the front panel audio jack my computer shut down and will not turn on now.

      I do have power to the mobo, seeing my LED's are on off near the processor.

      Nothing is running though, at all. CPU Fan, VGA Fan, nothing. I reset the CMOS settings by re-seating the CMOS battery and still didnt work.

      I uninstalled all but bare minimums and tried to turn on and it still will not even show a sign of movement, yet there is definately power. All cables ARE seated correctly.

      Sad part is that i'm A+ Certified and i cannot figure this out for my life...

      Please help!