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    Unable to boot to P3600 post 2.2.0 firmware update


      I just purchased a P3600 and installed in in a supermicro X10SRW-F system board with the latest bios.  I installed Server 2012R2 in the P3600 and had it booting fine with the firmware it came with.,  I then installed the Data Center Tool 2.2.0 and performed the steps to update the firmware which it stated completed successfully.   After the update I rebooted the system and now it will not boot to the P3600.   So I installed it into a system that already has a boot drive to verify the P3600 was still accessible and it appears to still have all it's data it just refuses to boot to it.


      Thoughts on what to try from here?





      Here is the idct show -intelssd

      - IntelSSD Index 0 -
      Bootloader: 8B1B012D
      DevicePath: \\\\.\\PHYSICALDRIVE2
      DeviceStatus: Healthy
      Firmware: 8DV10130
      FirmwareUpdateAvailable: Firmware is up to date as of this tool release.
      Index: 0
      ProductFamily: Intel SSD DC P3600 Series
      ModelNumber: INTEL SSDPEDME012T4
      SerialNumber: CVMD4343007Q1P2CGN