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    Q45 graphics driver with long filename


      We have new computers with onboard graphic Intel Q45. We install Windows XP with Symantec Livestate Delivery. For convenience I added the graphic card driver to the Windows setup files, so the device will be installed on install of Windows.

      I troubleshooted hours, because the driver is never installed. Finally I found out, that the driver files are containing files with more then 8.3 letters. But the files are copied during a DOS session with no long filename support. Intel seems to have forgotten, that long filenames are sometimes a big problem.

      The following files are a problem:

      - igcompkrng500.bin

      - igkrng400.bin

      - igkrng500.bin


      Does anyone have  a solution for that? Install the driver not in the Windows setup but later in the Windows environment is an option, but before I want to know if there's a workaround.



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          Solved. I renamed/shortened the files with too long names and changed in the INF file the names of the files.

          - igcompkrng500.bin --> igcompkr.bin

          - igkrng400.bin --> igkrng40.bin

          - igkrng500.bin --> igkrng50.bin

          Installation was successful, works for me. Quick and dirty


          @Intel: please consider your naming convention, there are still some systems with no long filename support.