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    Com Port disappears after installing iot image



      I installed iot linux image for my galileo board today from the following link:



      The setup was done following the instructions given in link below and every thing worked as mentioned in the link:



      Now to boot up the board, i was following a link which said me to upload the following sketch (I am using an ethernet cable to log in ):


      void setup() {


        //It’ll not continue until you send an ‘a’ through the serial monitor





        //Display ifconfig result to serial monitor

        system("ifconfig > /dev/ttyGS0");


      void loop() {



      1 ) The problem is that I am unable to run sketches using IDE. After installing the image on the SD card, the com port that i was previously using (with a formatted SD card) is not showing in device manager. Something called CDC Serial is showing up in the other devices and when I try to update its software, it says windows can't find it (i am making windows do it automatically.)




      The firmware was updated 2 days ago and the com port was also working fine.


      I gave gone through this link: Booting SD card in intel galileo board but the problem is that even blink code is not working as the COM Port is not there.



      when i copy iot image to SD card,insert it into galileo G2, and connect the board to my system using serial cable, it shows the board as removable disk with only 49 MB space. The SD card is 16 GB. Is it normal or is there something missing here too.





      Saher Maqsood