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    No HDMI signal


      I have the Power profile set so that the NUC never goes to sleep, and the monitor turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity.  Occasionally, but not always (which of course makes things more difficult), when I try to wake up the monitor by moving the mouse or tapping the space bar on the keyboard nothing happens.  When I turn the monitor off and then back on, I will sometimes get a "No HDMI signal received".  Sometimes I have to power off the NUC to get a signal, which is not good.


      The monitor is a generic Asus product, and I'm connected via a HDMI to DisplayPort cable, and I'm operating with W7, 64-bit Home Premium.


      I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.

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          I started MalwareBytes and lost the video.  I used the on/off button on the Asus monitor to try to regain the signal and it did not work.  Then I unplugged the AC Power cable from the monitor and plugged it back in and got my video back.  This sounds more like a monitor issue, but this never happened with my previous PC, which was also an i5 WinTel machine.

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            Thanks for sharing this update, please try another monitor and let us know your findings.



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              Allan, I built 2 identical NUCs, and the other one, connected by a shorter mini-DP cable to a new monitor is not exhibiting these symptoms.  My cable is 15' long and is the main suspect right now.  I'm going to probably replace it. 

              Unfortunately, as originally mentioned, this is sporadic, making thing difficult.  It has not occurred for 2 days now.


              I will indeed publish an update when there is something more to tell.  Asus states no incompatibilities with Intel NUCs, and say I should either replace the cable or change ports to the mini-HDMI port, which of course will also require replacing the cable.  Oh well.

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                Thank you for the information.



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                  Allan, I am first going to change cables and output, i.e. from mini-Display Port to mini-HDMI.  Before I order the mini-HDMI cable, is there any particular specification that I should take into account?  Are you aware of a particular brand that you know works well? 



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                    I am using HDMI to HDMI 20276 E321484 and Display Port to Mini DP E342987 20276



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                      I am having the same and other similar issues:

                      From boot, no HDMI signal on TV (unplugging HDMI, restarting TV, plugging all back in seems to work).  It does boot, just not outputting to TV.

                      NUC goes to sleep and display doesn't come back similar to boot issue, disconnected.


                      What I really wanted to setup was the HDMI to go through my receiver, but I have not had success with that yet.


                      Still looking for other solutions, will try more troubleshooting later, any help is appreciated.


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                        Make sure you have updated the BIOS on the NUC. Run latest video drivers and use high quality cables.





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                          Yeah, that was done from day one

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                            Allan, I haven't fallen by the wayside on this.  As I mentioned, I want to try the alternative cabling first and the vendor sent a micro-HDMI to HDMI instead of a mini-HDMI to HDMI, so I'm transshipping.  A question though...I want to follow your advice and get a good quality cable, so should I get a 'high speed' HDMI cable?  How about RedMere technology, which makes for a thinner cable but seems to add some electronics.  I haven't placed my order yet for the replacement.

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                              I finally got a different cable at the suggestion of Allan and Intel TS on the phone.  The person on the phone told me that if my monitor did not have a DisplayPort connector, I should not be using the DisplayPort output of the NUC, I should use the mini-HDMI.  This took a while because I was shipped a micro-HDMI instead of a Mini, but that came today, and I've tested it and have had no issues.

                              I think this is resolved.