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    DN2820FYKH S5 power on LAN adapter


      I have a DN2820FYKH with latest Firmware (0048) and openELEC (Linux) operating system. The NUC ist connected via dlan (devolo 650+) to the network. If the NUC is turned on, everything works fine. The problem is, when the NUC is turned off to S5. Although wake on lan is disabled and does not work (I have tried it), the dlan adapter still recognises the NUC LAN adapter as active. This prevents the dlan adaper to go to sleep-mode. When I connect the dlan adapter to another unit (coolstream ZEE), everything works fine. When the ZEE is shut down to deep standby, the dlan adapter is going to sleep.

      What are the correct settings to completely deactivate the NUC LAN adapter, when the NUC is shut down? See my current NUC power settings in the attachment.