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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology Raid Issues


      I had my new build system up and functioning with a MSI X99S Xpower AC board running raid 10, using 4 WD 6 TB red drives.  Last nigh, I accidently depressed the discharge button on the MOBO which cleared out my bios settings.  After I figured out what I did, upon restart, I had a few issues as one would expect.  I went back into the bios and reset everything back to normal (I keep detailed records of all settings), however, I still have an issue with the raid.  Upon restart, my raid is having issues.  I am attaching a photo of the intel rapid storage technology to show the issue.  My issue is that only two of the four drives are showing good in the array, and the two that no longer are valid show up as a status of "unknown port".  These two are now showing up as the two sata disks not part of the raid array.  I only have 5 drives, 4 are part of the raid, and the bottom one in the photo is my boot drive, which is not raid.  Lastly, all the drives are showing up as connected via the SATA ports in the hardware diagnostics.  Is there a way to get these back into the array, or am I out of luck?  Whenever I see issues with 2 drives in a 4 drive raid 10 set, I get nervous.  BTW, I do not get any options to rebuild the raid either using the <ctl><I> on start nor from the intel rapid storage technology screen.