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    Disabling "Restore defaults" ctrl+alt+F8 https://communities.intel.com/message/254440#254440


      I hat the same issue as nyuriks (https://communities.intel.com/message/254440#254440). I am a doctor and recently replaced 3 PC that were still running XP with new ones running win 8.1 pro and i5-4590. Key strokes are basic in my work with the PC's. Unfortunately Intel blocked the CTRL+alt+F8 combination which i have since years attributed to one the most used links. It took me quite some research time on the internet time to adjust configuration on the 3 new PC’s to be able to use my favourite key stroke combination again.


      I think it is no good idea for hard- and software developers to occupy such key strokes combinations in an imperative way. There should be an easy way for the user either to disable the combination or to change it with another one.


      I would be thankful to you INTEL for a feedback to the issue. Please notify me on peter.tomasi@sunrise.ch. Many thanks in advance!