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    Dealing with custom resolutions


      I have a couple of Shuttle boxes that use Intel HD Graphics.  I'm using these as demonstration workstations for medical imaging.  We use a couple of medical grade monitors to do our demonstrations.  Each time we set them up we use different monitors.  They may be the same model monitor, but they are physically different monitors. 


      Here's where we run into problems.  We have to create a custom resolution each time we set the system up.  What I would like to be able to do is enter the custom resolutions we'll be using and have those custom resolutions available each time we set up.  As it is now, the custom resolutions are not persistent across monitor changes......  Is there a way to make the custom resolutions persistent?

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          This is a feature that is not included at this moment but I will forward your suggestion to the appropriate department so it will be taken into consideration for future releases.

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            Thanks Joe.  I spoke with someone at Barco yesterday and he feels we will have better results if we use an active DP to DVI adapter.  The 4MP monitor is set to report a 'preferred resolution' of 2560x1600.  The EDID reports that resolution as well, but specifies 60Hz.  With a passive converter I can run the monitor at that resolution but only at 30Hz.  That is the custom resolution I had created........


            So, I have a plan for the moment, but I think it is still a good suggestion for a future release.


            Thanks again.