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    Problem with HD2000 and upscaling with Windows 7


      We feed a custom display with an analog RGB-signal (VGA-output).

      Properties of that display:

      • Display is only able to work on 1280x1024
      • Display has no EDID-info
      • Display runs fine on 1280x1024

      There is an application using a resolution of 800x600. The Display should be able to work with this application -> The virtual resolution in Windows should be 800x600, but output must be 1280 x 1024. So the graphics card should support upscaling.

      We checked some combinations of hardware, setting this at different laptops this is the result:

      • Laptop with Intel HD4000 -> Success
      • Laptop with NVidia Optima -> Success
      • Target-Platform with Intel HD2000 (Sandybridge, 2nd gen, driver -> no success

      At the two succesfully 'hacked' systems it was an important step to inject the correct EDID-block to registry. This forum was very good for information: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/7947-force-dvi-hdmi-resolutions-refresh-rates.html

      But on our target platform this approach was not successful. Does somebody has an idea why?

      Does the HD2000 not support upscaling by graphics hardware?

      Please help.

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          Hello KaiH,


          We are working scaling issues on another thread. Please post your query here:



          Kevin M

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            Hello Kevin,


            thanks for your estimation and the link. Indeed, there are some interesting issues (e.g. disabling touchscreen). But in our case the resolution does not stay at 1280x1024, it changes to 800x600! The graphics card does not seem to understand, that our monitor does not support 800x600. It would be a big step for me to have black borders around the 800x600.


            1.) So, this graphic-card does support hardware upscaling?

            2.) Can you tell me something about how the driver decides exactly, what options are there in that scaling-combo-box in the driver's GUI?

            3.) What registry entries influence the scaling decisions?


            Please leave this thread open, til I checked touch-screen settings and ensure that this is really the same problem. A solution is very important for us.



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              Hello KaiH,


              Our controllers support different options of scaling but do not support upscaling. These options will appear on the Graphics Control Panel depending on the resolution set. See image below.


              About the Registry Entries I regret to say we do not handle information about this because playing with the registry keys may cause problems on the computer but perhaps any other user can provide information as per their own experiences.