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    Intel DB85fl Boot problem


      This dec 2014 I bought an intel DB85FL motherboard with i5 4440 processor,8gb Corsair ram,600w psu,Nvdia GTX 750ti gfx.After some weeks of using, whenever i started the computer the CPU would start then it stops and then automatically starts again but i didnt see any Picture on monitor.I had to hold the power button to turn it off.Then again after 1/2 tries the same thing happens but this time i Can see the picture .
      I consulted an engg, he said My Gfx,processor,psu,ram r fine,motherboard is causing the problem.So i sent it to the dealers the checked it and found the problem and sent it  to the service center ,at the service center they found the same problem and  sent me a new board as it was in warranty period.Now after 2/3 days of using the same problem has started with the new board.

      I checked reviews online,many people r complaining about the same problem.Is this a design fault?? What should i do?PLZ Help

      Watch the video attached.