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    Why SysPrep.exe Generalize uninstall Intel Graphics Driver automatically?


      Now I prepare a Win8.1 golden image for 50pcs PC.

      I installed the Intel Graphics Driver in Audit mode, then run "sysprep.exe -oobe -generalize -shutdown" command, then clone the image to others PC.

      But after OOBE, I found the Intel Graphics Driver have been uninstalled from "Programs and Features".

      In my understanding, the "-generalize" will delete the driver in "Device Manager" but keep all driver files(.sys, .cat, .inf, etc...) in \windows\system32\drivers folder, so, next time reboot windows will install the hardware driver automatically.

      For this case, why the "-generalize" will remove all driver files from hard disk driver? Is there any way can skip/disable the uninstall action?

      I can't use "PersistAllDeviceInstalls" in generalize pass, because this way keep many others hardware information not only Intel Graphics driver.