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    xFSTK flashall.sh --recovery 64-bit Ubuntu Works




      Edit: This post will be useful for people who have already poked around with their Edison some, and now want to expand their root partition size but can't get the flashall.sh to work.


      I spent a good chunk of time today figuring out how to properly flashall.sh --recovery an edison image for a bitbake build. Part of the reason why so much time was spent on this was because I was under the impression that it did not work with 64-bit Ubuntu installations; but it actually does. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future when searching through the forums.


      Currently installed are:

      -    xfstk-dldr-linux-source-1.8.0

      -    dfu-util (version 0.8)

      -    cmake

      -    All their dependencies / prerequisites


      xFSTK installation (modified from first link):

      Install prerequisites:

      $ sudo apt-get install g++ qtcreator build-essential devscripts libxml2-dev alien doxygen graphviz libusb-dev libboost-all-dev

      How To Build This Software

      $ tar -zxfv xfstk-dldr-linux-source-1.8.0.tar.gz

      $ mdkir build-for-xfstk

      $ cd build-for-xfstk

      $ export DISTRIBUTION_NAME=ubuntu14.04

      $ export BUILD_VERSION=0.0.0

      $ sudo cmake /[path-to-build-for-xfstk]/

      $ sudo make

      $ sudo make install

      Optional targets are avialable. I.E:

      $ make docs


      $ make package

      Type `make help` (after cmake has been run) for a list of targets.


      Q: Why do I have to make a directory?

      A: This is to initiate an "out-of-source" build so no build clutter will be left in the source tree.


      • I'm not too familiar with cmake, and make, I put sudo in front of them all because my permissions were occasionally being denied.
      • sudo make install apparently installed xfstk to /usr and that is the only option.
      • There is one forum post for building xfstk for 32-bit Ubuntu but the last command did not work for me.

      Building dfu-util (version 0.8):

      • Link to building dfu-util.
        • I put "sudo" in front of git, ./autogen.sh, ./configure, and make
        • I also ran sudo make install after sudo make
      • After completing these steps I checked dfu-util --version in the terminal and it said it was 0.8.

      Once this was done sudo ./flashall.sh --recovery followed by ./flashall.sh were able to run in /.../edison-src/build/toFlash to update my edison. There was no need to put Ubuntu-32 bit on a USB boot key.

      Hopefully this helps

      Thomas Woehlke