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    Cannot install latest Intel driver for P3600


      Prefer if ClementChong handles this new case, if possible, since she handled a recent different case for me very satisfactorily.


      I understand that Intel's NVMe P3600 SSD driver should be installed as soon as possible, there are some bugs in Microsoft's NVMe driver that could cause data corruption (KB2897143). Also, any firmware updates to the SSD can only be done with Intel's driver.


      I have unzipped the driver from the Intel web site to a driver64 folder with a subfolder of the IaNVMe.inf driver on my SSD and on a DVD.I have tried to update the SSD driver via device manager from on-line or from my PC but it keeps stating that the windows driver is the best driver. I have tried to update the driver in device manager via have disk but when I browse to my CD it only allows the driver 64 folder but not the subfolder that really contains the inf driver. I have tried the Intel driver update utility and find drivers but it does not find any.


      Appreciate Clement's help on how to get this driver installed. Thanks.


      George B


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          Hello GeorgeB,


          When using the "Have Disk" method, you have to extract the contents of the Intel Windows NVMe driver Zip file to a known location. Then go to Device Manager and identify the Intel® SSD DC P3600, select the option to Update the Driver Software and browse to the location where you extracted the driver, the NVMe driver file is in the folder "Driver64". Windows* should be able to detect the driver it you specify this folder.


          You can find more information about this in the Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center Family for PCIe* P3700, P3600 and P3500 Series Installation Guide.


          If Windows does not allow to install the driver you downloaded, then it may already have a working driver for the SSD. If this is the case please let us know the following.


          Is the drive detected as Intel® SSD DC P3600 Series in Device manager?

          Did you install the Intel driver for the P3600 at any point during the OS deployment?

          Was the SSD detected automatically by Windows*?

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            I noticed you asked for input fromClementChong, but I thought we could start with some initial recommendations, and Clement can post any new information if he is able to do so.

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              I extracted the driver64 to a DVD. In device manager disk is listed as NVME Intel SSDPEDME40. When I try to load driver from have disk, location driver64 and sub-folders on DVD, Windows states I have best driver available and never tries to install the Intel driver. Driver listed is MS from 6/21/2006, Installed the NVME miniport OK but when it finished, it never asked me to install driver. Intel Data Center tool seems useless for me.


              Never installed the driver during OS install or deployment. The SSD drive was detected automatically by Windows during the clean install. The MS driver is a functioning and working driver but I would really like to install the Intel driver based on info from Clement. What next or perhaps you can pass this on to Clement who communicated to me mostly during the night shift?

              George B.

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                George B.


                Is there a particular reason you are doing Have Disk?


                When the .zip is extracted there is an "installer64" directory, Inside this is a "setupNVME.exe".   I would run this file which will take care of the other files and should be a successful install. Have you already tried this method?


                It worked for me on an earlier version.  I haven't used 1.1.1004 yet.

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                  Reason for the have disk was I thought it might be needed to do Win install but it was not needed. I have also stored the unzipped driver on the Intel SSD and have tried having Windows update the driver from my PC and get same message that Windows has best driver already installed. In my previous message I stated that I tried the NVME miniport install (that's the install from the installer64.exe). As stated, when finished install it re-boots and never gets to asking to install driver.



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                    1. I am "he", not "she".

                    2. I don't work for Intel, so specific requests for me might not be entertained.



                    Since you have already run the setupnvme.exe from the install64 folder and rebooted, you have installed the driver.

                    If you are searching for it in Device Manager, it's under "Storage Controllers", not "Disk Drives".

                    Microsoft driver will have the controller listed as "Standard NVM Express Controller".

                    Intel driver will have the controller listed as "Intel(R) Solid-State Drive P3700/P3600/P3500/750 Series".

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                      As usual, your direct comments were perfect again. Thank you. As you stated, the driver was installed when I ran the installer exe and I see it in storage controller. Wished previous folks that were answering me gave me your answer. I did not refer to you as she since I could not determine if Clement was a male or female name. Must have come from someone else. I understand it may be problematic for me to only deal with you although that would be my preference but I understand. Maybe my chances of getting to you increase if I only open a question in the evening. I have another question and I would like to keep this dialogue open with you. After your answer I can close the case unless you believe that I should open this as a new case question.


                      Optimization of Intel SSD:

                      I know MS has an analyzer and optimizer for SSD's. I have used it on the Intel SSD. I have used in the past the SSD optimizer from Condusiv called Diskeeper. I already have that product and think it's a stronger product than MS and has a wonderful GUI and I can use it to defragment my external conventional disk too.


                      Do you know if Diskeeper can damage the Intel SSD? I have used it for years on my former OCZ SSD and there were never any hardware problems or indications that by optimizing it I was shortening the life of the SSD. Your thoughts on this? As usual, most grateful for your expertise.

                      George B