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    Raid 0 drives onto new motherboard


      I had two drives in Raid 0 on D945GNT motherboard that died. I now have a new DQ35JO motherboard that I have not tried to install yet. Will my old drives work on the new MB without losing my XP system and data? What steps are required to make it work? Please help.

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          Hello there,


          I suppose that it should work.


          But as an advice, i would suggest you to backup the data on your drives and make sure to have a complete separate and verified backup if the data are very important.


          To be honest, i have tried this with different board like mixing raid configuration created by Intel Matrix from a server board t0 a desktop board. It recognised the raid array and it booted onto windows.


          These are steps that i did:
          - if the board were identical, i made sure to have same bios version on the replacement, as same bios version means same Raid Oprom version.
          - connect the sata drives to the same sata ports
            For example if Drive 1 was connected onto SATA PORT 0, then on the replaced system, it was the same.


          Now in your case, it is two different boards with different bios and in terms different RAID Oprom Version.
          So i would just make sure to connect the drives to the same ports as they were on the previous board.
          Then go into BIOS and Go to Advanced>> Drive Configuration >> Configure SATA as RAID
          Save and Exit.
          Dont recreate a RAID on the Drives.
          If everything is successful, it shall boot on to the OS hopefully without a Blue Screen of Death from XP due to hardware changes. In this case you will need to try to repair the XP using the CD.
          If it was Windows 7, i know for sure that i would work because i did it several times.


          Let us know how it goes.


          All the best,



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            You will not have a problem moving the RAID to the same but newer RAID controller but you will have the run a Windows XP repair if the OS is on the RAID.


            All you have to do is enable RAID in the BIOS.