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    Can't connect through SSH - using On-board linux



          I want to try connecting galileo G2 through SSH. I am still using the on-board linux image and have not moved to the bigger linux image yet.

          I am following the Networking PPTX from the following link:Intel Software Academic Program

          In the slides (Networking PPTX - slide 10) it is written:


      //the IP address for the Galileo: (will be used if there’s no DHCP server on your network)

      byte ip[] = { ???, ???, ???, ??? };   


      Can you guide me which IP should I give here.

      What fixed IP can I give? Will any random IP work?


      I tried to give the following  IP after studying DHCP, as it is from the same pool as allocated to me  :

      byte ip[] = { 192,168,178,24 };


      The ethernet is configure as after running the sketch,

      Serial.println("Sounds good");


      is printed.

      1) The problem is that I am unable to run the following commands from slide 12:

      Display ifconfig output

      Run sketch from the following slide, it will :
      > run the ifconfig linux command
      > output the result in a file
      > display the file content


      They don't get verified by the IDE and give the errors shown in the attached image (P1).




      2) Now moving on when i try to connect through SSH, giving the same IP as above, it says 'Connection Refused'. I am able to ping the IP from my system(Windows 8.1) and I can also connect through telnet by enabling telnet through the following command:

      system("telnetd -l /bin/sh");


      Is there a similar command to start SSH on Galileo? (There is no image on SD card yet.it is formatted as FAT 32)

      Since I am logged into the board via telnet, can i check if SSH is up and working for the board? 



      Saher Maqsood