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    Centrino Advanced N-6235 Driver Update consistantly failing, Win8.1




      So I've recently bought a Intel Centrino Advanced N-6235 wireless adaptor and installed it into my Sony Viao Fit.

      The laptop isn't anything to write home about, but I've been steadily replacing parts and its been getting better every day.


      One issue I'm having however is that I'm totally unable to update the drivers for the new wireless/bluetooth card.

      Windows Device manager fails to recognise newly downloaded drivers and tells me that everything is already up to date (though the date on the drivers is nearly two years ago now)

      While the Intel Driver Update Utility tells me (correctly) that my drivers are quite badly out of date.

      Each attempt to update via the update utility is failing though. However after the initial install, subsequent installs give me the option to 'repair' the drivers rather than install them. However this too fails and the update utility displays my current drivers as still being the old ones.

      I've checked through the debug log to see if anything jumps out at me, but I'm no expert.


      Would love some advice if possible.