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    Fix for Static Over HDMI


      I recently bought a BOXD54250WYKH1 and was having static noise coming through my speakers.  I tried the following-

      1.  Plug HDMI directly into TV

      2.  Change Cables

      3.  Plug directly into wall outlet, not surge protector

      4.  Plug into different circuit

      5.  Made sure it was up to date with new drivers and firmware

      Non of these worked, static remained


      1. Went to store and bought new power supply


      This worked, static disappeared.  I'm kind of upset I had to go out and purchase a new power supply to make my new NUC work but am happy my new toy works. Now if I could get it to reliability work over IR and pass audio correctly I'd be happy.




      Denon AVR

      Samsung TV

      Harmoney remote