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    DB9 to 3.5 mm jack


      Hi developments and makers,

      I’m trying to make a connection through the UART connector on my intel galileo Board GEN1.

      I do not want to build the cable, therefore, I am looking for ebay or amazon buy the cable.

      I wonder if this cable works to make that connection:


      Or as I could know that it works.

      thank you very much.

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          Hi nemam


          To make a serial cable, you need these two cables:

          -USB to RS232

          -RS232 to 3.5 mm Jack


          These two cables look like this:

          gen1cables0.jpg gen1cables1.jpg




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            but be careful: on the RS232 to audio jack there are different versions available afaik.

            I think somewhere in this forum there were links to purchase the cable

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              hi mhahn,

              yes, I know this, but my problem the other links where you can buy this cable, no send to Spain or the prize is very expensive for me because I thave to pay customs fees.


              In conclusion, How do you know this cable? I try datasheet but I don't know if it works fine.


              Thank you and regards. Mamen

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                sorry, don't know

                I remember, we purchased a cable which looked right but didn't work as the internal wiring wasn't fitting. How the wiring needs to look should be covered in other threads within this forum.


                Anyways, maybe you don't need the cable? what for do you need it? If it's just to enter the system you could do via ssh or use the USB serial which is used for Arduino sketches (I think it's described elsewhere as well how to achieve this)