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    ubilinux (Debian) Kernel Update R2 BETA


      I've just added a new .deb package to the ubilinux.org repo continuing the latest kernel and kernel modules. It's just a re-packaging of the files from the Intel Yocto R2 BETA build. You don't have to re-flash your Edison, you can do a simple apt-get install of the new kernel, and reboot. There's couple of extra mount/unmount/copy steps, as dpkg does not play nice with the way the /boot partition is formatted (vfat), so we have to do a few manual steps to get around this.

      apt-get update

      umount /boot

      apt-get install kernel-package-3.10.17-poky-edison-r2

      cp /boot/vmlinuz /root

      mount /boot

      cp /root/vmlinuz /boot


      The apt-get update gets the latest package listings.

      Unmount the (vfat) /boot exposing the /boot directory underneath (ext4)

      apt-get install the package, which will install the new kernel in /boot and the new modules in the new dir under /lib/modules.

      Copy the new kernel out of /boot

      Mount the vfat /boot

      Copy the new kernel into the vfat /boot


      If you then re-boot, you'll be up-and running with the latest kernel from Intel. Please see the Intel Downloads section for the Yocto packages and also the Release Notes.



      Dave @ Emutex