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    its posible to change the procesor?


      HI,i have laptop toshiba satellite A200 1TS with intel core 2duo T7500 hre is my model http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=29761&processor=T7500&spec-codes=SLA3N,SLA44,SLADM,SLAF8 and i want to change the procesor with intel core 2duo mobile T7800 http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=31729&processor=T7800&spec-codes=SLA75,SLAF6 ,Is it posible to change this? Because is not a diference between T7500 and T7800 ,The single diference is that T7800 has 2,6g an T7500 has 2,2g and my motherboard of my laptop is TOSHIBA ISKAA and my moatherboards suports other chips like T8XXX or T9XXX?

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          in theory yes it should, it will all depend on the microcode in the BIOS in the board, adn also the difference in the microcode between the two CPUs. I can't really find much information about your board, so maybe you could contact toshiba, but i think they are a bit funny with CPU upgrades, or used to be anyways. Or you could just try it and see. the other thing is...is there really muhc point?there aint gona be much notable differenece if any...

          hope this helps.