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    NIC Teaming Server 2008 R2, NIC Team will  not take a static IP


      I have been beating my head against the wall to fix this issue


      I have 3 dual-port Intel NICs running under 2008 R2, I am able to install ProSet and can team the NICs, I create 3 teams with Switch failover.

      The first team works great, I assign my static IPs to it and it gets on the network no prob

      The other 2 teams seem to be fine, I assign static IP to the TEAM NIC and everything looks great. However, I am unable to connect to them over the network, in fact, when I look in ipconfig it does not appear to even take the static IP information, it appears the 2 teams are still set to DHCP even though it is set as static under the NIC properties. Intel has been useless as well as SUpermicro the card OEM.

      You guys have any idea?