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    When will we see NUC5i5RYH in stores?


      Hi I never purchaed a NUC before and not sure what exactly I will need to make it work and hoped someone can help me out here.


      I was wondering when the NUC5i5RYH is being released and what I will need to buy to make it work? Im guessing the RAM, and HDD or SDD dont come with the kit. So that means an OS too..?


      If someone can help me pick out specific RAM sticks and a drive that would be great. I dont need much maybe 6GB and 128 of storage which would hook up to the mSATA slot on the board??


      Sorry for asking idiotic questions, its just this machine would be the best for me with the price and size. Ive never built a machine before so.


      Thank you in advanced.