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    Can Pin 10 and 11 be used for PWM output?


      "Arduino Board Hardware Guide" says they can be configured for PWM output, while "Getting Started Arduino IDE" says they can not be. How am I supposed to interpret the discrepancies?


      Intel® Edison Arduino Board Hardware Guide

      3.2 Intel® Edison kit for Arduino* PWM swizzler


      Desktop Boards — Intel® IoT Platforms: Getting Started Arduino IDE


      The Intel Edison Board with the Arduino expansion board and the Intel Galileo Board can be treated as an Arduino Uno* and are compatible will (with!) all Arduino Uno sensor shields. However, Pins 10 and 11 on the Intel Edison Arduino expansion board are NOT capable of variable voltage output (PWM) despite being marked so on the expansion board.


      I use Pololu - Zumo Shield for Arduino, v1.2 which cannot be configured to use pin 3, 5, 6, 9 for PWM. So, I am using pin 5, 6, 9, 10. It's working fine on R1 and R2 beta.

      Will it cause any problem?


      BTW, can somebody tell which four-pin combinations are possible?

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          Hi ek,


          I've just tested the pins 10 and 11 as PWM outputs and they worked fine. Let me investigate the reason of the note above.


          The Intel® Edison Boards and Compute Modules — Intel® Edison Kit for Arduino* Hardware Guide details the possible combinations for each pwm pin in Table 9, page 15. I will try to post a table with all the four-pin combinations possible in order to know what combinations can be made.




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            Here is the table:


            CombinationPWM 0PWM 1PWM 2PWM 3
            1 (Default)pin 3pin 5pin 6pin 9
            2pin 3pin 5pin 6pin 10
            3pin 3pin 5pin 6pin 11
            4pin 3pin 5pin 9pin 10
            5pin 3pin 5pin 9pin 11
            6pin 3pin 5pin 10pin 9
            7pin 3pin 5pin 10pin 11
            8pin 3pin 6pin 9pin 10
            9pin 3pin 6pin 9pin 11
            10pin 3pin 6pin 10pin 9
            11pin 3pin 6pin 10pin 11
            12pin 5pin 6pin 9pin 10
            13pin 5pin 6pin 9pin 11
            14pin 5pin 6pin 10pin 9
            15pin 5pin 6pin 10pin 11
            16pin 5pin 9pin 6pin 10
            17pin 5pin 9pin 6pin 11
            18pin 5pin 9pin 10pin 11
            19pin 6pin 5pin 9pin 10
            20pin 6pin 5pin 9pin 11
            21pin 6pin 5pin 10pin 9
            22pin 6pin 5pin 10pin 11
            23pin 6pin 9pin 10pin 11


            Those are all the possible combinations that I was able to count.




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