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    USB OTG  Power from 5V Step-Up SparkFun Board


      So I purchased some sparkfun boards for my Edison and had a quick question about my set up. USB OTG does not work power being supplied through the LiPo pins. I am trying to get my LiPo powered edison to power a small USB camera. I purchased a 5V step up converter (also from sparkfun) and was going to split off the USB cable coming from the camera into one pair with the serial cables (green and white) running into the USB host port on the Base board and then the power (red and black) running to my step up converter which is wired directly to the lipo battery on the battery. Board. Will this work as expected? the plug going into the base board will be from a USB OTG adapter as I believe the 5th pin needs to be shorted to ground for OTG to work.

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