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    Windows 7 won't boot after HD Graphics 4600 update. Help!!




      I recently bought my Intel Core i5 4460 for my PC. It was all good until I installed the graphics drivers. So, after installing the drivers, I restarted the computer, but after the Windows Logo I get a black screen. Went to safe mode and started uninstalling drivers and I found out that the problematic one was the HD Graphics update. After uninstalling it, my PC starts without a problem. I went to intel support and downloaded the driver from there. Same problem. Went to Gigabyte. Same problem. Even installed the ones on my MB disc, but unfortunately I had the same issues. So I went to service with my components and they told me that the MB was faulty, therefore they gave me a new one, Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H. Ran through the same procedures (installing the drivers, etc.) hoping that it is all fine, but it turns out that I have the same problem, black screen.


      I am currently conected to a Phillips HD Monitor by VGA. I did a workaround, switching from VGA to HDMI and managed to start the computer a few times, but it was freezing after the first 10 seconds. What concerns me the most, is that my SSHD led stays lit after the black screen goes on, but not always. Sometimes its not red, sometimes it is. I even tried changing the SSHD with a HDD and I had the same problem.


      So what should I do? Is there a way to fix this, or I'll need to get my CPU replaced ?



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          Hello Shmaf, thanks for joining the Intel Community.


          We always recommend customers to download and install the drivers provided by the system manufacture, since our drivers are generic drivers and sometimes these cannot be installed on other systems or the installation of them could overwrite their customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.


          Would you please let me know which Intel driver version did you installed on your system?

          Have you tried installing the previous version available?


          If you are still having problems and you prefer replacing the processor, you can get in touch with our Warranty team Contact Support

          or submit a web ticket at the following URL Service Request Email . Bear in mind that if the CPU was purchase less than one month ago, it will be necessary to contact the place of purchase.