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    Running a Xfce desktop on ubilinux, SD/partition size?


      Hi all


      So far my Edison experience has been great having been given some great options like ubilinux but now I'm trying to push it further.

      Ideally I want to be able to have the edison as and embedded uP but log into it remotely with VNC or even better teamviewer and use it like a full linux desktop machine.

      So while some may throw their hands up in horror IMO the atoms should be up to the job and that's how I want to use it.


      Anyway I think I need Xfce and probably not a heavy desktop as it would be nice to use the on board storage of the edison.


      While in good old days the bestest linux you could install used 500M it seems that 1.5G root on ubilinix is barely enough to get X,Xfce & VNCserver. *sigh*


      So I hit a dead end with this thread

      increase size of rootfs on Ubilinux

      However I'm wondering if the root partition can be increased when flashing with the dfu-util??? Perhaps that's not possible and it is a complier option?


      The other option is to use the uSD card. I'm using a sparkfun stackable SD module, presumably that can be booted from??


      Anyhow I'm really just looking for some advice and pointers in the right direction. Are my idea's even sane to try?