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    Please Intel Reconsider Desktop Board Business


      Hi Intel


      From one of your loyal customers, please Intel reconsider getting back into the desktop board business, at the very list come back to the business as from skylake with new board designs along with the 100 Series chipset.


      You don't have to make a wide range of boards for each chipset, that's just my thought, just produce one board per chipset that has all the features the chipset has to offer.


      Plus after a good taste of the Intel Visual BIOS now what? Will we ever see the Intel Visual BIOS again if there are no Boards from Intel? I like the Intel Visual BIOS very much, that's why I'm still holding on to the DZ87KLT-75K that i bought back in 2013 immediately after release.



      All in favor join the thread,...


      Intel reps present in the forum please make sure the info is passed to all relevant department so that Intel can cater to us.



      Stephen B.R.