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    [DP35DP]Front Panel Audio


      Hey, how are you guys? Firstly, I wanna thank you guys for reading this. =D

      Ok, lets start, shall we?

      Im using Intel® Desktop Board DP35DP and I'm having problems related to front panel audio support.

      Rear panel audio panel is fine, audio could be heard, mic is working fine.

      But the problem is that whenever I plug in my speaker/headset and mike into the front panel, my computer seems cannot detect it.

      My usb (front panel) are fine (not good though) but just the audio and mic.

      Please list all the solution you might think of. Thanks.

      Sorry for my bad English.

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          Hi there,


          The onboard audio subsystem consists of the following:
          • Intel 82801IR (ICH9R)
          • IDT STAC9271 audio codec
          • Back panel audio connectors
          • Component-side audio headers:
          Intel® High Definition Audio front panel header
          HD audio link header
          The audio subsystem supports the following features:
          • Dolby Home Theater support
          • A signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of 95 dB
          • Independent multi-streaming 7.1 audio (using the back panel audio connectors)
          and stereo (using the Intel High Definition Audio front panel header)
          • ADAT support from the back panel optical S/PDIF port


          You need to check whether your FP is HD or AC97:


          How to check this:

          How to Identify your Front Panel Audio Solution Codec
          To identify your front panel audio solution’s audio codec, refer to the specifications or documentation for your PC chassis or front panel module.

          Note that AC’97 and HD Audio front panel solutions are different and may not be directly compatible or interchangeable.

          You can also physically check the audio cable of the front panel audio solution. If there is a cable connected to Pin 4, you have an HD Audio module; if there is no cable to Pin 4, you have an AC97 module.





          Check this and let us know then we will proceed to next steps. :-)


          All the best,




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            I took your advice and look into it.

            But the main problem is that the cable are not even plugged into the motherboard.

            After I plugged in, everything started to work perfectly. =D

            Thanks for trying to help. Have a nice day.