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    i7 920 temp, Fan speeds


      I didn't get any feedback on my previous question a few days back, perhaps I worded it incorrectly...let me try to ask this one again


      I have an i7 920 processor and a DX58S0 motherboard.  I'm concerned about temperatures, mainly because I don't know what they "should" be at while under load.  I've used various programs to try to determine the temperature of the CPU, such as OCCT and RealTemp.  I'm just wondering if anyone else using OCCT or RealTemp could post some temps from their 920 processor for a reference point?


      The system appears to run fine, it doesn't lock under full load, but I'm always concerned about making sure I have the heat sync on properly, and that there is good, uniform contact.  So, any kind of CPU temp numbers from a 920 that anyone has would be appreciated!



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          I can't tell you exact temps but the I7s do run hot. If you are running under load for a while and it isn't giving you a proc hot or throttling, then it's sound like your fine. Saying that anything under say 80C under load is ok. there are a few variables in it, like what case are you using, the airflow, what type of TIM, ambient temp and also your specific chip. If you can run it full load and it dosen't start throttling then you are fine. I have seen an e6600 that hasn't started throttling until it got to 90C aprox. They do have a quite a lot of headroom nowadays the CPUs.

          What temps are you getting?

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            Thanks for the reply!  As for my temperatures, I guess it depends on what program to believe.  I'm running Windows 7 and can't get the Intel Desktop Control Center to work at all, so I've been using RealTemp and OCCT.  During the CPU tests, both programs display the same temps, but the chart generated by OCCT at the end of the tests has some rather whacked out numbers that don't match either program.


            But, the numbers that actually match look like this:


            Idle: 33,31,34,31


            100% usage: 67,66,65,65


            Ambient room temp during the test was 72F

            I've ran it longer and it really doesn't seem to go up much from there, so that seems good.  But, the charts that come up after the test put it at around 95 degrees?  *shrug*  I'm not sure why they should differ, unless I'm entirely reading it wrong.  I was also curious as to why the system fans don't speed up at all as the temp goes up, I'm guessing there must be some cutoff temp, and it hasn't reached that?


            In any case, if 2 programs are putting it at around 70C under full load, I guess that seems good from what you've mentioned.  Other info, my case if a Silverstone TJ09, 3 120 MM fans running at around 600 RPM (I've never once seen them increase speed, even after running 100% load for quite some time), connected to the mobo headers.  CPU cooler is a Zalman 9700, which runs at 1200-ish RPM's, and also has never budged from there.



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              I have a similar issue. My Corei7 920 is running at extremely high tempretures when loaded (running BOINC in the background).

              I have a computer with Corei7 920 CPU and Noctua NH-U12P. All in a well ventillated Gigabyte 3DAurora chassis. The idle CPU temp is around 48 Celsius which seems a bit high already, but my main problem is the load temp. If I run BOINC in the background the temp jumps up to 85-92 Celsius quickly, I even measured 98 Celsius. I do not believe it is normal. What can be the problem? I have already gave it back to the shop where I purchased and they checked the assembly of the cooler. The computer does not shot down and seems running normal, a little slower though sometimes.

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                Where are you reading the temps form?they do seem a bit high.

                What is the temperature of the CPU in BIOS under hardware momitoring?

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                  I am using the program supplied to my Asus motherboard (PC Probe) to check the temp (here the default temp for alert is 77 Celsius) and  I also run the System Information for Windows program that gives me temp details by cores.


                  I did not check the temp in BIOS as I am having temp issues when the computer is running at full load and I do not know how to enter BIOS while Windows is running.

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                    Ok, ermm..i have an sus board or two...really dont bother with the probe, unless it has improved drmatically in the last version or so...which i doubt..

                    It will be worth checking the temps in BIOS if nothing else to compare them to the probe to see if it accurate. Also have you tried the whole reseating the CPU and fan? it might be worth just incase you have an airbubble between the CPU and Heatsink.

                    Has the CPU been like this since you got it? Also i don't suppose you have another board to try the CPU do you?

                    The otehr thing is, is your CPU throttling at all or are you getting any crashes?

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                      Yes, the CPU was like this since I took it home. I even take the computer back to the shop where I suppose they checked the seating of the CPU and the fan but will double check it with them. The computer seems running normal, it does not crash, sometimes it slows down a little when the BOINC runs in the background and loads the CPU fully and I try to do something else. The temp does not causes major issues yet in performance I just want to avoid damaging the CPU with these high temps. By the way, PC Probe gives me the same temps that the other program does.


                      How could I check the temp in BIOS when Windows is running? If I enter BIOS at boot up then I can only check the idle temps, not the load ones.


                      And of course, I do not have a spare motherboard to try the CPU on that.


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                        It wont be idle as such, it will work the CPU quite a lot in the hardware monitoring page. no yyou cant get there from windows you have to reboot...and it will be usefull to see if teh temp is the same as the ones from probe and teh otehr programs.

                        When you say it slows down do you mean you cant do things as fast as usual as it is already at 100% usage or do you mean the CPU starts to underclock? as actually decreases the speed and usage?

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                          When it slows down I mean it does things slower than usual (e.g. rolling web pages). But I never checked the CPU speed when it does so. It does not happen all the time though, I just find it strange because I upgraded from a P4 3GHz and I never experienced similar issue with that. And it is quite a disappointment that my Corei7 920 show this symptoms.

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                            I have checked the BIOS temps. It was 40 Celsius when started and climbed up to 48 Celsius within half an hour.

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                              I have found the technical specification of my CPU on Intel webpage (http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLBEJ) and it says that my CPU at 130W should be at max 67,9 Celsius. My CPU at full load are running at 2,8Ghz and consumes 147W so the temps I measure are extremely high. If it would be max. 74 Celsius then OK, but running at 85-90 is too much. I guess I got a defected CPU.

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                                Ok, sorry, ive been away.

                                So: "when it slows down I mean it does things slower than usual (e.g. rolling web pages). "

                                Do you mean when you are stress testing it? if so that is normal.


                                If "I have checked the BIOS temps. It was 40 Celsius when started and climbed up to 48 Celsius within half an hour." is true then you havent got any issue with the temps. If you really want to be sure run a stress test in windows for like half an hour and then restart the system go straight into bios and see what the temps are.

                                I doubt you have a "defective" cpu, i know what it says on the intel website, but that isn't the max i can assure you.


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                                  I have done as you suggested. I ran the BOINC application for more than half an hour, CPU temp at 87 Celsius. Then restarted and entered BIOS where it showed 52 Celsius. And now what? I doubt it would prove anything. If I enter BIOS at startup it shows 48 Celsius, if I check the CPU temp from Windows at idle it shows 49. So at idle it does not matter where I check the tempreature. Now, if I start running BOINC that loads all 4 cores and 8 threads then the temp immediately jumps up to 69 and then goes up to 77 within 2 minutes. So what would it prove if after the restrat the BIOS temp is at 52?


                                  With regards to the slowliness. I do not run stress test, I run the BOINC application in the background with the same settings I had on my previous P4 3GHz where I did not experience the same issue.