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    i7 4970K with the H87


      After reading up on several different forums and the likes of it, I concluded that the i7 4970K processor would be compatible with my H87 chipset.


      It was recommended that I updated the BIOS with a download from the Intel site.

      I did however not find a motherboard called only H87, but H87-PRO and H87-PLUS.

      Naive as I was, I bought the new processor and downloaded the update.

      I now only get an error trying to update, saying it's not compatible.

      I can't find a page on the Intel site only for the H87 motherboard.

      When I use speccy, it only says "H87" there.

      So, here I am with a brand new processor that I don't even know if I can use. Any advice guys?

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          Hello Hansdon,


          This processor is compatible with certain 8 series boards depending on the Computer Manufacture. From our side, all Intel® 8 series boards are not compatible with this processor so I would recommend you contacting the Computer Manufacture and confirm with them if the motherboard can handle this processor.


          It is also important to say that H87is the chipset. We as Intel® provide the hardware to Computer Manufacture and they will design their own computers with special feature and limitations so at this point, the best step is to contact the Computer Manufacture.


          Kevin M