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    Problems with Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 7260




      I have WIFI troubles each time I start my laptop and using DHCP to connect. It attributes a wrong ip adress to my computer (169.254.84.x as prefered ip adress instead of 192.168.1.x). I have to resolve the wifi problem and it attributes a correct ip adress. It says that WIFI does not have a valid IP adress. Sometimes it randomly lost the connection and I have to resolve the problem again. I tried to fix IP adress but It did not avoid network disconnection.

      It also lost connection when it go out sleep mode. So I uncheck the button to turn off WiFi Adapter when in sleep mode.


      I have:

      1) Updated Windows 8.1

      2) Updated to new drivers ( from intel website)

      3) a wireless G router


      All other device ipad, iphone, android tablet, laptops runing xp or windows 8.1 are working perfectly with router setup. Only intel adapter has troubles.

      I also have wifi disconnection when I go away from router (in a place where other devices still have a good wifi signal) and then it says "Default gateway is not available".


      Please, can someone help me get a steady wifi connection?