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    Connector for integrated antenna broke off!!?


      I am having the same problem as countless others on this site. i.e. The UFL wireless antenna connector snapped off while trying to get it un-sheaved. My question is simply "Is this covered under warranty?".


      The problem was that the connector is very loosely connected to the coax and there was a tightly wound fabric non-removable tape around the twin cables. There is no point telling consumers to slide back the plastic sheaf when this requires removing the tape wound just behind the sheaf and blocking it from sliding back. The only options are to remove the tape or the sheaf; As I could not remove the tape after much effort trying, I eventually resorted to trying to slicing the plastic sheaf. The connector promptly popped off, probably weakened by the time trying to remove the tape, the coax and connector were undamaged. I am an electronic designer with 25 years experience; this looks to me like the connector was too tightly crimped resulting in the coaxial braid being sheared by the crimp. It also looks like the wireless integration in the kit was abandoned at a late stage resulting in the PCI card being required and this resulted in the UFL connector being the only option due to the limited space between the PCI cards. I think Intel should just supply the cards themselves to prevent this re-occurring issue; this is what Gigabyte does with their BRIX product line.


      Given this additional info.... Can you confirm whether I will be able to get the unit replaced under warranty or not?