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    intel ac 3160 bluetooth sound not working (Ubuntu on an intel nuc)


      So I still haven't been able to figure this out and found tons of other people with various combinations of wireless intel cards / OS having the same or similar issues with bluetooth.


      I have:

      - an intel nuc (newest bios #35)

      - an intel ac3160 wifi/bluetooth card

      - ubuntu 14.04 (newest kernel 3.18)

      - iwlwifi-3160-10.ucode firmware


      Bluetooth seems to work, I can put it on, I can select a device (a bluetooth speaker in this case) but after a second or so the connection goes back to "off" automatically.... So pairing does work, but it can never be selected as sound output.


      Why doesn't this work and can I get it to? Maybe I should just buy an external bluetooth usb drive but it just annoys me intel hasn't been able to address this.