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    Can't enter boot menu/bios


      Hi all,

      I recently installed OpenELEC on my Intel NUC 2820FYKH, yet decided I'd rather work from Windows 7.

      I created a USB to install from, but now I'm unable to enter any kind of boot menu.

      Instead, whatever f-key I press during start-up, I end up in XBMC, which is my regular startscreen.

      Any advise?

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          Hello Thijs,

          Bear in mind that in order to access to the BOOT menu you need to press the F10 key.

          If you are still not able to access the BOOT menu or BIOS I would recommend you to follow these steps.


          • Turn on the NUC.
          • Check if you have “Fast Boot” enable, if you do please disable it once you are in BIOS.
          • Once it is on, please unplug it directly from the AC power.
          • Plug it in again and you will be able to press F2 to access BIOS and make the necessary chances.
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            Hi Sylvia, thanks for the reply,

            Two issues: I cannot change any settings if I'm not able tot enter soms kind of boot menu or bios, that's the point. I have tried holding and/or pressing f2, f8, f10, f11, delete, tab, you name it.

            Also tried the AC power trick as it was mentioned in other posts. It doesnt work for me, as the NUC just powers down instantly. When turning it on again no change is apparent.

            Your thoughts?

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              I am not from Intel, and I don't know why they think unplug from AC power is related to your question.  I think what you want to know is called the Power Button Menu described around page 55 of the technical manual.  From power-off state, you hold the power button down for some very specific amount of time (I think 3-4 seconds) - not longer and not shorter.  Then you should get a text menu where you should be able to press F2 (assuming your keyboard is compatible, for example if you previously had success with F2 but your latest boot method is too fast).

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                Thank you Dougho. Haven't had the chance yet to try this method, but will do so as soon as possible. Additional question just in case: I've seen it mentioned a lot that it would be better to turn fast boot off (when able). Would this also be advisable in my situation?

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                  I do not use XBMC so I cannot answer with respect to that.  I can think of two obvious reasons someone might say turn fast boot off.  One is if it makes it hard to press F2, and the other is since boot is probably already fast enough.  I think on my NUC I have it off for those reasons (before I learned about the Power Button Menu, and even after I learned that since there is a fairly specific amount of time you have to hold the button).  On my larger Intel motherboard (DZ77BH-55K), I keep fast boot off because the "current" version of that BIOS seems to have a bug which causes the power LED to blink when you have fast boot on (rather than power LED steady which is the expected behavior, like it does when fast boot is off - blinking is intended for indicating that the PC is in standby/sleep).

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                    Just letting you know: bringing up the power button menu worked! Thanks so much! However, and this will sound unbelievable: I'm not able to enter any key because my keyboard had become magically unresponsive in this menu, while working just fine once booted up in the regular way. Can't believe it.. :| Anyway, I'm off to go find a keyboard somewhere around that isnt wireless..

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                      Hi all, final post from me. Wanted to let you know that the issue is resolved!

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                        Thijs, thanks for letting us know.