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    VERY bad experience after update to BIOS 35


      Issue #1 - I kicked off the BIOS install from within Windows.  It rebooted into the BIOS setup (what I'd call a DOS environment).  I saw a message that said something like "flash complete".  System rebooted, but never got to POST.  I let it sit in that state for a few minutes, but it never made any progress.  I know it didn't boot into the OS because there was no disk activity, LED's on USB kbd weren't on.


      I power cycled the device.  Still wouldn't boot.  Tried removing the DisplayPort cable.  Still didn't boot.  Reconnected DP, removed HDMI.  NOW it booted.


      Issue #2 - I get a garbled GFX image when I try to enter the firmware setup page.  This is right after pressing F2, or when trying to access it via Settings -> Update and Recovery -> Recovery -> Advanced Startup -> Restart Now (and then pick the UEFI firmware settings option).


      I'd like to get some guidance from Intel before trying to either re-flash the same rev, or try going back to an earlier rev.




      BIOS Version/Date Intel Corp. WYLPT10H.86A.0035.2015.0126.1814, 1/26/2015

      Windows 8.1 Pro x64, all updates from Windows Update

      Primary display: Dell P2714T (DisplayPort) Dell 27 Touch Monitor - P2714T

      Secondary display: HP w2558hc (HDMI) Product Specifications | HP® Support