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    DN2820 blank screen from windows 8.1 boot onwards




      I have DN2820 which has had intermittent video issues. It has windows 8.1 (fully patched). To combat the issues I:

      1) installed the latest bios as of 1/2/2015

      2) installed the latest drivers as of 1/2/2015

      The result is that I no longer have video from the point where windows starts booting. Bios et cetera look fine. Also, when I uninstall the intel video driver, video is back at 1280x1200 pixels. After uninstalling the intel driver (via remote desktop....) and reinstalling any of the versions up to and including the first video driver for this nuc, the screen goes blank during installation and also after reboot doesn't show anymore. My monitor (Dell U2408WFP with soundbar) and NUC used to play together, and I checked the Monitor/HDMI cable with another laptop on full HD res which worked fine. My Dell screen reports 1280x1200 @60hz during the blank screens and does no enter sleepmode. I.e. it does receive a signal.


      Any help greatly appreciated.