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    nuc d34010wyk dual monitors when only one ..




      was hoping someone could help had an issue with my nuc this morning


      its a new one setup only yesterday windows 8.1 i left it last night all set up how i wanted and was using teamviewer to configure it remotely


      this morning i woke it up from sleep and the screen was just purple tried rebooting same again


      i tried to remote in using teamviewer and it was fine but it was picking up 2 displays my LG TV and another monitor the TV being the secondary display


      i fixed by mirroring the display rather then expanding it tried uninstalling the ghost display and disabling it


      any one know whats happening here i just logged in again the resolution has changed and its picking up a non generic monitor again


      my LG TV is the only thing plugged into it by the way


      i am using all the latest drivers and have updated the BIOS

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          You may try to reset graphics settings of your computer by removing and re installing video drivers.


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            Hi unfortunately it has not worked but its not causing an issue disabled the second monitor it is picking up

            the monitor is not being picked up in the intel HD properties though

            second screen.jpg

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              Thanks for the picture that helps us clarify this problem. You have been using Remote software, this enables second virtual monitor on your graphics configuration.

              I would say this is expected since the software emulates second screen.



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                Hi this does not happen on my other machines also on a clean boot before I log in this second screen appears and I have to use windows remote desktop to log in and fix

                I will try removing team viewer see if that fixes it



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                  Thanks for the update.



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                    The same thing has started happening to me as well.


                    I ended up with a second phantom screen. I had Windows Media Center running - but it was on the "second" invisible screen - all my desktop icons had moved to the second screen as well.


                    I used the windows screen resolution dialog to change my default display - and then I rebooted, which got rid of the second display.


                    But, then the next day it happened again. I'm not using any remote login software.


                    But, I did start using the Netflix metro app - not sure if that is causing the second screen to appear. I also just installed the latest video drivers (to fix an audio problem with the netflix app) - I'm using version GFX_Win7_8.1_64_15.36.14.4080.

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                      I have a nuc5i3ryh with the newest graphics drivers (GFX_Win7_8.1_64_15.36.18.4156.zip) and am getting this when hooked up to a 40 inch Samsung TV. After I wake it from sleep, most times it will be a blank screen. I have seen the display settings box before and it was showing two monitors hooked up (now it only shows on the other screen, which is unavailable, so I have to restart), even though I only have the one HDMI connected to the TV. I've never done any remote or anything like that.


                      The only way to fix it is to restart, which happens every time I want to use it.

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                        Just to revive this, I recently (IMHO since the last update to the graphics driver version Win8.1/64 face the same issue. My nuc is connected to a Panasonic 42" TV, and only that, and also has no remote control software of any kind (other than standard windows stuff) installed.


                        Most of the time after sleep mode, it returns to an empty dektop. Only through this thread I realized that it's empty because there's a phantom screen the nuc phantasizes about where all my icons have landed.


                        To make matter worse, on a full reboot of the sytsem, it most of the time comes up with a blank, purple screen showing absolutely nothing, as if the system has crashed. But it hasn't. It's just doing the same thing, it's showing the empty seconds screen on my one and only connected display.


                        Possibly related, every once in a while, the system also fals to detect the HDMI audio of the TV, although the display works. The whole audio device is gone in that case, and only a full reboot fixes it (unless it returns to a purple screen).


                        Seriously Intel, is it now rocket science to detect the presence of a display properly? This is annoying like hell....